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Introducing the TruBizSolve F910 Model Android

A revolutionary communication device designed specifically for professional settings


Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

Combining the functionality of an Android smartphone with the practicality of a deskphone,

This innovative device revolutionizes traditional office communication. Powered by the robust Android operating system, the F910 Model offers the versatility of countless productivity apps, ensuring effortless multitasking and seamless integration with existing office infrastructure.

Featuring a sleek and modern design, this deskphone boasts a user-friendly interface displayed on a high-resolution touchscreen

. Effortlessly navigate through your tasks, applications, and contacts, all at your fingertips. The generously sized display ensures crystal-clear visuals, making every interaction a true visual delight.

Stay connected like never before with the F910 Model's smart and efficient connectivity options.

Enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling instant access to your emails, cloud storage, and other online resources. Additionally, this deskphone supports Bluetooth technology, allowing wireless pairing with external devices such as headphones or speakers for hands-free communication.

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Introducing the Trubizsolve F910 Model Android Office Deskphone – the perfect solution for your office communication needs. This advanced deskphone combines the functionality of an Android device with the convenience of a traditional office phone, delivering a seamless and efficient communication experience. 

Designed for modern businesses, the Trubizsolve F910 Model boasts a sleek and professional design that will seamlessly integrate into any office environment. Its large, high-resolution touch screen provides intuitive navigation, making it easy to access various apps and features without any hassle.

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Virtual Landline number

R R150.00 /Once-off

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087, 010, 012, 015 and 021

Recharge Landline Account

R 100.00 /Airtime

R100.00 For R112.00
R150.00 For R165.00
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Add Extention/User

R 90.00 /Extension

Opting to expand your account with additional extensions? No issue at all! You have the ability to add unlimited extensions at a rate of R90 per extension. or emails.

Website Design

R 1500.00 /once-off

Do you have a concept that requires a professional website? Select the package that best fits your business needs and budget, and anticipate the outcomes.

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