Company Maintenance

Company Compliance

Once your company is successfully registered. whether it will be trading(making money) or not, It's required by law to file their annual returns within a certain period of time each year. Failure to file may result in some heavy penalties and deregistration of the company. You're also required to update/amend any personal and company details should you have any changes.

What will happen if the company does not comply with annual returns?

The CIPC and other departments will assume that the company is inactive, and as such they'll will start the deregistration process to remove the company from its active records and some departments will be forced to charge your a certein penalties. The legal effect of the deregistration process is that the juristic personality is withdrawn and the company or close corporation ceases to exist.

Company Maintenance

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Company Maintenance

Is your company due for some certein Monthly, Annualy returns or renewal, please visit here for quick help.

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